Trailer Yachts

It is with pleasure to say ‘Hi’ to present members & welcome new members of the Timaru Trailer Yacht Section as Rear Commodore for the coming season. The Timaru Trailer Yacht Section is a very friendly family orientated group, with emphasis on trailer yacht racing, cruising and socializing.

Many families spend their holidays cruising, especially on the southern lakes, and at Abel Tasman National Park. A lot of boats take the opportunity to travel out of town for racing events and some even travel the whole country to attend events.

Trailer Yachting still remains a family sport for those so inclined, and is after all a cheap sport. Free wind, just invest your life savings in something to catch it.
As trailer yachts had become more widely appreciated, and their types and sizes are more varied, many sailors who race or sail in small centre board yachts progress into the family orientated trailer yachts.

The start of the season is our hosting of the popular Aviemore Classic, especially for those who enjoy the competition side once a year, and this means the whole club coming together to organise and run what has become a great weekend with plenty of enthusiastic members prepared to assist.

Our thanks go to our sponsors, and the local businesses that also contribute year after year and make the prizes so worth competing for.

This years’ mid-winter cruise will be organised by the Otago Trailer Yacht Section. This is always a fun weekend away without having to think about the amount of wind or the size of the waves, and we hope our relationship with both Otago and Southland Trailer Yacht Sections continues to grow.

Our monthly meetings are on the first Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm, we like a good turnout so that decisions made for your club continue to be majority decisions.
Safe Sailing

Laurence Smith – Rear Commodore, Trailer Yacht Section
Ph 03 6861973 / 027 2294335 E-mail:

For more information download the word doc: Trailer Yachts


The Cruising section caters for sailors of keel boats and multi hulls who have an interest in blue water sailing and coastal voyages. While we take a leisurely approach to our sport, We do have competitive events scheduled through out the season and a welcoming social network.

Events are held mostly on Sunday afternoons around 13:30 with briefings generally via VHF once we leave the moorings.

We invite anyone wishing to join us to contact me, or any of our skippers for details of events that you may be interested in. No experience is necessary and I am sure you will enjoy your time with us.

Chris Sowerby
Rear Commodore


It will not be long before another season is underway. So hopefully everyone has their boats in ship- shape fashion and are nearly ready to go.
Hopefully we will see a few more boats on the water this year as there have been a few changes in the club’s fleet.

This season is going to be another busy one with the Noelex 25 National Champs, the Age group regatta, being hosted by our club. These events along with the hugely popular and successful Meridian Aviemore Classic should keep interest high within the club.

We need as many as possible, preferably non competitors, to help with O/D duties, we have a list of those who have volunteered but would be grateful to have a few more, if you can help, even for one day of the season please let Gordon Collister know and you will have a good days boating and be a big help in enabling all the competitors to sail instead of officiating..

All you sailors out there, get those boats back in the water where they belong and get back into a great sport.

See you all on the water.

Gordon Collister
Rear Commodore