The Juniors Section of the Timaru Yacht and Powerboat Club can provide the many great experiences and skills which sailing offers, as well as a fun environment in which children and parents can build closer relationships.  Children benefit the most from their sailing experiences when they have a parent alongside (even on shore) offering support, guidance, and encouragement.  To all the parents: be a part of their team and the wind in their sails!

In addition to regular weekend sailing, proposed adventures this season include:

  • Team Timaru competing in regattas throughout the North and South Islands.
  • Holiday sailing and camping at the lakes.
  • Larger yacht experience.
  • BBQs
  • Simply hanging out on the water and at the Bilges Café.

In the words of Peter Mander, “Puddling around in a boat, sailing wherever you want to go, landing at a beach, or dropping anchor and throwing a fishing line over the side come under the heading of yachting just as much as sailing in championship contests.”   Enjoy the moments as a child with your child.

Time on the water makes good sailors; time together can facilitate good relationships.  Our vision is to provide an environment for both!

Justin Pauley,

Juniors Representative

PH 03.684.8862