Having put out a call for the Elliot 6 Inter-club Regatta team member applications, TYPBC received and selected four responding applicants.  This year’s team will comprise two returning sailors from last year’s competition, Aidan Berger (trimmer) and Finn Goodman (bow), adding newcomers Aylwen Berger (helm) and Rainer Willcock (main).

Coach Brett Willcock came down from Christchurch to provide a couple days coaching on Wednesday and Thursday for the team using the Club’s Whiting 16.

After a morning briefing and onshore training session Wednesday, three of the team headed onto the Bay with the coach manning Bernie, a careful eye to the south due to inbound foul weather.  After some practice drills focusing on spinnaker hoists and retrievals and with weather conditions threatening, the decision was made to return to shore.  En route, a 40 knot southerly gust-front arrived, knocking the Whiting flat.  Coach Brett Willcock responded rapidly, immediately collecting the crew and securing the Whiting with the RIB’s anchor.  Several helpful Club members arrived shortly and after assessment, agreed to postpone recovery of the yacht until 6:00 p.m. when winds were lighter.

Recovery proceeded quickly with the Whiting first towed into the slipway and then righted against the jetty and bailed.  After tidying up, everyone left, several having gained new experience and insight.  The Club thanks all who assisted in the recovery, especially Tony Lister, Dave Weith, and Colin and Brett Willcock.

Thursday morning saw the team back at the clubhouse for a debrief and more shore based instruction, followed by more on-shore spinnaker drills on the Whiting.

The team will be heading up to NPCL this Sunday for morning and afternoon on water familiarization with the Elliot 6, with the regatta itself held over Labour weekend.  Our young team will be up against, among others, the returning champions from last year, Charteris Bay.  Here’s hoping for a good result, with much thanks to the backing and support of the Club.