The cruising section has taken a bit of a hit with Chris Sowerby’s departure to the sunny north, but having sold his boat to us he’s thankfully been more or less in constant contact since.  David Young is still around and often to be found on his yacht, and we hear another yacht is getting ready for her mooring in the harbour.

Recent years have seen dwindling numbers in this section but hopefully those remaining and those joining will be keen to do some coastal sailing trips this season: I know my family would certainly appreciate the company as we learn the ropes.  In any case it is our intention to take as many guests as we can accommodate out on the keelers for a different view of the world.  Our map store is increasing (yes, that’s PAPER maps, though the quality seems a bit suspect of late) so hopefully the quakes don’t change up the bottom too much in the areas we’ll be frequenting!

If you want to have a go, please get in touch.  We’ll hand you a scrubber to clean off the deck and then you’ll have somewhere to sit without having to wipe afterwards…so far with weekly visits we haven’t been able to keep up with the birds!

Rob Berger

Cruising Rear Commodore 2018-2019