2019 South Canterbury Tanner Cup Trials Results – 11 November 2018

The South Canterbury P-Class trials for the 2019 Tanner Cup was held at TYPBC on 11 November 2018.  The trials are a primary consideration in selecting representatives for the South Canterbury district at the upcoming nationals in Wellington.

Racing started shortly after 11:10 a.m. in 10 knots of easterly wind and light swells; throughout the day the wind speed rose to around 15 knots.  Timaru’s fleet of P-Class sailors was well represented with twelve of thirteen competing and ages ranging from 9 to 14 years old.  The sailors and their parents thank all of the volunteers who helped out, especially Dave Weith for mark laying, Les Baker for officiating, and Simon Ussher for providing and crewing the Committee boat.

Results are linked here: 2019 South Canterbury Tanner Trials – 11 Nov 2018


Elliot 6 training under way

Having put out a call for the Elliot 6 Inter-club Regatta team member applications, TYPBC received and selected four responding applicants.  This year’s team will comprise two returning sailors from last year’s competition, Aidan Berger (trimmer) and Finn Goodman (bow), adding newcomers Aylwen Berger (helm) and Rainer Willcock (main).

Coach Brett Willcock came down from Christchurch to provide a couple days coaching on Wednesday and Thursday for the team using the Club’s Whiting 16.

After a morning briefing and onshore training session Wednesday, three of the team headed onto the Bay with the coach manning Bernie, a careful eye to the south due to inbound foul weather.  After some practice drills focusing on spinnaker hoists and retrievals and with weather conditions threatening, the decision was made to return to shore.  En route, a 40 knot southerly gust-front arrived, knocking the Whiting flat.  Coach Brett Willcock responded rapidly, immediately collecting the crew and securing the Whiting with the RIB’s anchor.  Several helpful Club members arrived shortly and after assessment, agreed to postpone recovery of the yacht until 6:00 p.m. when winds were lighter.

Recovery proceeded quickly with the Whiting first towed into the slipway and then righted against the jetty and bailed.  After tidying up, everyone left, several having gained new experience and insight.  The Club thanks all who assisted in the recovery, especially Tony Lister, Dave Weith, and Colin and Brett Willcock.

Thursday morning saw the team back at the clubhouse for a debrief and more shore based instruction, followed by more on-shore spinnaker drills on the Whiting.

The team will be heading up to NPCL this Sunday for morning and afternoon on water familiarization with the Elliot 6, with the regatta itself held over Labour weekend.  Our young team will be up against, among others, the returning champions from last year, Charteris Bay.  Here’s hoping for a good result, with much thanks to the backing and support of the Club.

Graeme Robbins P-Class coaching clinic done & dusted

Graeme Robbins was down from busy Auckland for three days to coach TYPBC’s growing fleet of P-Class sailors in addition to two sailors from Mt. Pleasant, Christchurch: thirteen dinghies on the water all-up.

Tuesday morning saw a leopard seal sunning on the ramp, with a pod of non-hectors dolphins apparently feeding in the Bay.  After introductions and an instructional briefing the group moved out-doors for some instruction in P-Class setup and controls with a demonstration P.

Each day began with a briefing in the Bilges followed by time on the water and a break for lunch.  After another briefing in the afternoon, the rest of the day was spent on the water.  Days were busy, starting at 8:30 with rigging and typically with a series of drills capped by some short races, and ending around 5:00.

Jon Olds hosted Graeme, for which the yacht club and especially Juniors, are grateful.  Several Juniors parents also took time off from work to support the effort on and off the water: thanks to all of you.

All days were mostly light, though a 12 knot breeze the second afternoon caused the younger and lighter sailors some trouble.  Day three concluded with the “Timaru Worlds”, a two race series in light wind.  Skill in both boat handling and tactics was noticeably improved, and we are looking forward to an exciting season!  Thanks, Graeme, for helping us get off on the right foot!

Safety boat training session a success

Simon Boys facilitated TYPBC’s first safety boat training of the season (and possibly of several recent seasons) today, with high participation from a range of sections but particularly representing the Juniors.  A detailed Power-point presentation in the morning with relevant discussion was followed by lunch, with Nathan Fenwick treating some of his BBQ venison.  After lunch Simon conducted a shed review of TYPBC’s safety boats and their systems, and concluded the training with individual on-water practice by twos.  More training will be organized on an as-needed basis.

Thanks Simon for all your work amidst a busy travel schedule, we really appreciate it.  Thanks also to all those who gave up a Saturday to help keep things a little bit safer around and on the water.

Graeme Robbins P-Class coaching clinic inbound 2-4 October 2018

We are grateful for well-known sailor, sail-maker, and coach Graeme Robbins taking time out of his busy schedule to come down and do some coaching for us.  If you don’t know who he is, you should!  Not only is he a world-class sailor in his own right, he is an experienced coach at all levels from LTS to Olympic competition; on top of that the sails he makes have been used by a lot of winners in this class (at least), and he’s the current measurer for the Sunburst class.

Coaching will run from about 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for the three days (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday) with a break for lunch midday (byo); in addition to our own fleet of P-Class sailors, a few will be coming down from Christchurch’s Mt Pleasant yacht club to take part, and we’re happy to have them.

We are looking forward to having an enthusiastic and experienced coach help us go faster while having fun on the water.  Thanks Graeme!

P’s turn out in force for first day of sailing this season

Sunday morning 11:00 saw ten P’s getting ready for launch in light, shifty conditions under an overcast sky threatening fog…ideal conditions for water-fights, not so ideal for sailing!  After Juniors Rep Justin Pauley’s inaugural briefing (expected to be standard operating procedure this season), kids flew down the ramp and then sculled away from the jetty.

Four Optis joined them shortly, after participating in some learn-to-sail instructions ashore; numbers were lighter than expected with several away over the long holiday weekend.  Nevertheless with some fourteen kids on the water, two RIBs kept watch, and other than the occasional boom-to-head lessons there were no mishaps.

Juniors sailing is expected to continue with an emphasis on Sunday mornings, though more advanced Juniors will often be found sailing alongside the seniors on Saturday afternoons.  As the season progresses with warmer water and weather, it is hoped some after-school and twilight sailing will be arranged.

New sailors get ready to launch their Optimist dinghies at Timaru Yacht & Power Boat Club on Sunday, 23 September 2018.

TYPBC Opening Day 22 September 2018

Commodore Hayden Brown and Patron Ivan Stevenson presided over the opening day ceremonies commencing at 12:30, with Junior sailor Zivah Pauley assisting the first flag raising of the season.  Long-time club stalwart Bruce Lund was present bringing his humour:”…a P-Class on the lawn…where it belongs!” Numbers on the water over the weekend however prove his the minority opinion!

Within the hour three Wetas, one Laser, one Finn, one Elliot 6.5, one Noelex 22, two Starlings and eight P-Class dinghies were on the water for racing on the approaches to the harbour and Bay.  Light winds in sunny conditions drew mixed reviews from participants, although ideal for the younger and lighter Juniors sailors who used their weight to their advantage in the second race.  All returned safely from the water and the older generations headed upstairs for refreshment.  We’re all looking forward hopefully to another fun and safe sailing season.

YNZ LTS coaching clinic held 15-16 September 2018

Timaru Yacht & Power Boat Club had three members present at Waimakariri over the weekend, participating in a Learn-To-Sail course hosted by WSPBC and taught by Lee Sharland.  Juniors parents Justin Pauley and David Croft were accompanied by Aidan Berger for the two day course, while Rob Berger played chauffeur.

Day one comprised in-door class work followed by an open-book recap, after which prospective coaches began presenting sample lesson plans.  Day two saw them doing more on-water RIB maneuvers including approaches and mock man-overboard drills, in addition to demonstrating a level of dinghy sailing competence in a range of boats from Optimists to Splashes.  More sample lesson plans concluded the second day.

Qualification by YNZ will help the Club provide trained oversight for new and existing sailors and give parents confidence in the training given, and the Club is grateful to these individuals giving up their time to participate: Thank you!